The Story Behind Davies Clubs

Eddie Davies (1914 - 2005) was the last apprentice of the famous Musselburgh professional and clubmaker Charles Gibson.
Charles Gibson, showing the miniature scale clubs made for Queen Mary’s dolls house in 1928, and now on display at Windsor Castle.
Charles Gibson, with whom Eddie Davies learnt his craft, made the miniature set of golf clubs for Queen Mary’s dolls house in 1928. The dolls house was made for the Great Exhibition of that year, and brought together the country’s leading craftsmen.
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Eddie Davies one year into his five year apprenticeship with Charles Gibson. The photograph was taken at the workshop at the Royal North Devon Golf Club in 1929, where Charles Gibson was the Professional.
(eddie shown center)
Eddie at home in his workshop 70 years later and still making Golf Clubs!

click on the image below to view the film about Eddie Davies, produced by 'Sanyo Golf Club', Japan.
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